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albumin: A protein produced by the liver. Irregular amounts of this substance may perhaps suggest liver or kidney disease.

carpal tunnel syndrome: A ailment that occurs when the median nerve, which runs within the forearm in the hand, is compressed; signs and symptoms include things like discomfort, tingling, and numbness, together with hand weak spot.

chemical peel: A chemical solution placed on the pores and skin to lead to it to blister and peel, revealing a new layer of pores and skin; treatment method is utilised to boost the appearance of the skin, cutting down traces, wrinkles, age spots, and various troubles.

have been in the RFP but weren’t, and to explain why they matter a great deal of.” At the end of the meeting the customer despatched household The 2 sellers who were being still watching for their change, canceled the RFP course of action, and commenced in excess of: The rep experienced created it clear to your executives that they have been asking the incorrect concerns.

celiac condition: A ailment characterized by damage to the compact intestine due to an oversensitivity to gluten, a protein located in wheat, rye, and barley. Celiac ailment can interfere with the right absorption of nutrients from meals.

In terms of stopping and treating significant hypertension, 1 typically-neglected system is running tension. Get the newest information on health and wellness sent to your inbox! Mind & Temper Inside Intellect & Temper:

coarctation: A narrowed spot in the aorta (the principle artery that leaves the center) existing from birth.

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androgenetic alopecia: Feminine- and male-sample baldness. The condition seems to contain a heightened response with the hair follicle to androgen ranges in the body.

He reshaped the offer to align along with his company’s core go to this web-site capabilities and in the end landed it. Like other star performers, he knew the way in wasn't to try to meet the customer’s existing requirements but to redefine them. Rather than having a conventional solution-product sales solution, he utilised an “Perception selling” strategy, revealing to the customer desires it didn’t comprehend it had.

acupuncture: A therapy dependant on Chinese medication. Slim needles are inserted in to the skin at certain factors on the body. This therapy is used to take care of pain and many health issues and to cut back tension.

AIDS: abbreviation for obtained immunodeficiency syndrome, essentially the most Innovative stage of infection While using the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

celiac plexus: A network of nerves within the upper abdomen; medication is usually injected right here as part of a therapy to relieve soreness called a nerve block.

cardiorespiratory endurance: A component of physical Physical fitness that pertains to the flexibility on the circulatory and respiratory devices to supply oxygen during sustained Actual physical action. Also referred to as cardiorespiratory Health and fitness.

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